Developing Tastes in the Global Field
By country, by generation, by era. Doraco will respond to diversifying needs.
Doraco’s idea of standards of taste is the adaptable response to diversifying needs. Standards of taste change based on country, generation, and era. In cooperation with partner factories in various countries, we at Doraco will catch information quickly and share it, delivering deliciousness from throughout the world.
Aiming for Ultimate Logistics
Doraco’s product center constructed its own distribution system. We will deliver goods faster and more reliably
Doraco’s idea of distribution innovation is the systemization of distribution, the pipe that connects supply and demand, through our own method. We combine management through our own product center. From mass production and large expenditure to low-volume production and small expenditure, Doraco will deliver products faster and more reliably in line with the times.
Creating One and Only Tastes
Grasping needs before anything else. We are planning and proposing the development of own unique products.
For Doraco’s idea of product development planning, the key point is to seek the future beyond the trends of the time and create a proposal. We will not just provide form for current needs, but plan our product development aimed at needs and also provide new tastes from Doraco’s unique point of view.
Obsession with Thorough Safety and Security
Safety and security are demanded the most of food in our world today. We will meet these needs with Doraco quality.
Doraco’s idea of safety and security is obsession with ingredients, transport, preservation, and manufacturing methods. From procuring ingredients all the way to the customer’s mouth, Doraco will continue to endeavor to deliver thoroughly safe and secure products.